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Brides On A Budget!

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Here at Interfaith Clergy Services not only do we want to create the most glorious wedding ceremony your friends and family will be talking about long after your honeymoon is over, BUT we also want to inspire you with the most interesting, and most affordable wedding ideas for your big day. This category is a result of that, and you can also hit the tags for additional blog posts.

Planning a wedding can be costly. From the wedding gown, the tux, flowers, food, reception, it all costs a fortune these days. This is not big news to you I’m sure. I’ve been to weddings over the years that went into the $20,000s and up. Personally; I think a wise couple just starting out can make it just as romantic, and wonderful for less.

When I married my daughter’s father 21 years ago my mother in law made my veil! Just to give you one example.

Below are some other ideas geared to make your wedding great, but not burn a hole in your groom’s wallet LOL

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Dont you love wedding arches? I do too, one place I love to frequent is Michael’s Craft Store! I can get lost for hours just wandering around aimlessly. Click on the above photo to go to their website and check out there wedding section. There you can get hundreds of ideas for designing your own wedding arch for less than you would pay if you had it done professionally, and you get the added bonus of customizing to you and the over all theme to your wedding party.

Weddings favors got you down? Then check out Oriental Trading! They are stocked with hundreds of little ideas for the bride on a budget for less than you would expect. Click the pic to go to their page. I love the two heart bag myself, and you can fill them with candy hearts, chocolate kisses, and those fabulous sugared almonds, with perhaps a small votive candle as a wedding keepsake.

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Know someone who is good with calligraphy? Take advantage of that! Get some invitation card stock and design your own using DIY print pads also available at Michael’s, custom design your own stationary! Click the link for more!


I always wanted to officiant a wedding on the beach! The nice thing is you can totally have the reception right there too! Barbecue some chicken, ribs, and serve potato salad and beer! No kidding! Make sure your guests bring their swimsuits and set up a small tent for changing! This especially works for those who are outdoorsy and love the beach! The trick is that its YOUR wedding, and being a modern bride you can do it any way you want to

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You can even have a friend or family member (if everyone in your wedding party LOVES their cooking) cater your entire wedding reception. I would want my current husband to cater ours LOL because he does make an AWESOME pasta sauce, well he is Italian after all lol.

And how charming would a summer picnic by a pond sound to you? Set up some blankets, grab some coolers for ice, some decorative laterns, and serve pink lemon-aid and fried chicken!

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The only limit to a wedding is your imagination!

Its as individual as you are.

So whether you want it bling and glamour, simple and elegant, or even outdoorsy in the woods for a picnic your wedding is ultimately YOU.

Above all, make it fun!

Many Blessings on your special day!