New York State Marriage License Information

The New York State Marriage License”
This link is to the New York State Department of Health and the information there is straight
from the horses mouth so to speak, on how to get married in New York State.

The license is a state wide license, so it can be issued from anywhere in New York and the
ceremony can take place anywhere in the state. If you are being married in the State of New
York you must have a New York Marriage License. If you are from out of town, a license
from your home state cannot be used in New York.

You will need 2 forms of ID for Long Island Town and City Halls.
This means Birth certificate or Baptismal Certificate plus Drivers License or Passport.
See link above for alternate forms of ID.

The City of New York now accepts a single piece of ID if it’s a Passport or Drivers License.
See link below for more NYC information.

If you or your fiancé were previously married you will need proof of the divorce
Where do you get that? Here ya go!

The license is good for 60 days, but takes 24 hours to mature.

Your officiant has 5 days to return the Marriage License to the clerk’s office that issued it.
The clerk then sends the couple a Certificate of Marriage. Processing time depends on the
office and the time of year, however you are legally married from the date and time you took
your vows, as indicated on the Marriage License.

The City of New York is different than Long Island on some points.
They offer a service where you can fill out the marriage online,
then go there together within 20 days with your ID to pick it up.
(City of NY City Clerk’s Website)
NYC does NOT TAKE CASH $35.00 money order, certified check, or credit card.
On LI it’s $40.00 and cash is good.

Same Sex Couples, Yes it is all the same for you too!
Except what to do about your taxes for that click here

Lost your original Birth Certificate? No problem here’s where to get a replacement:

Where do you go to get a Marriage License? Click below for a list
City and Town Hall Locations

Changing Your Name

Domestic Partnership
Not just for the gay and lesbian couples any more! Especially since New York State now
issues marriage licenses to same sex couples. Many heterosexual couples buy a home and have
joint assets before they are married, and like the security that a domestic partnership provides.
This link is to the website of The City Clerk’s Office. There’s a link to the left called “domestic
partnership” that defines what a domestic partnership is and gives the details on how to get one
in NYC.

In October of 2006 Suffolk County began a county wide registry. What does that mean? It
means less benefits than Marriage, but it usually means health insurance and some degree of
protection and integration under the law. For details see the link below
For more information call 631-852-2000

Getting Married in New Jersey?
Here’s a link for you. Your license is good for six months and takes 72 hours to mature. Print
the forms before you go to the clerk and save some time.

Some Honeymoon locations give you free upgrades with proof that you are indeed on your
Honeymoon. But never give anyone a copy of your license without first taking a big black
magic marker to your mothers maiden name and your social security number.
Everything needed for identity theft is on that document.

Thinking about having a friend or family member ordained to marry you?
When you ask at Town Hall if this is legal, most of the clerks on Long Island will tell you to
consult your lawyer. Truth be told you could get the license, fill it out yourselves at home, and
then mail it back and you would get a certificate of marriage from the state. Nobody checks in
Nassau and Suffolk. However, there are cases in New York State where couples have been
declared never legally married because Internet ordained clergy, did not meet the states
criteria. See McKinney’s Law, New York State Domestic Law, Ravenel vs Ravenel, or
consult your lawyer for more details.

I’m not suggesting that if you have chosen a friend to marry you, that you change who you
have performing the public celebration of your marriage. But the license is another matter.
Leaving a back door open is no way to enter into a life long commitment unless of course you
are not sure that you want to be married. The fee at the City Clerks Office in Manhattan is
$25.00 and most Long Island town clerks have a day where they will perform ceremonies for
town residents. Babylon’s is the last Thursday morning of every month and it is Free to Town
of Babylon residents. Please call your local town hall for more details. Protect yourselves and
your future by making this decision carefully.

There is no such thing as a State wide registration. NYC is the only place that requires
officiants to register. Interfaith Clergy Services Wedding Officiants are not currently registered with New York City

All potential clients must meet requirements for a Suffolk County, NY marriage license and provide copy of such license forms to your Interfaith Clergy Services Wedding Officiant upon initial contract signing.