Sample Wedding Prayer (Mentions God)

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For those who stand on the precipice of new life together, we pray, O Lord.  When two people who love each other plan for their future, we know their hearts are full and their spirits soaring.  They look over the edge and prepare to jump…into the unknown.  Of course, each moment before us is the unknown, isn’t it?  We all jump into an abyss with every passing moment, every passing day.  Life’s a risk.  Commitment to a life together is a risk.  It’s a risk of heart, soul, and even body; yet it is a risk worth taking.  Without risk, what would life be?  Lord, be with those who will be standing together before all their friends and family, making declarations of love and promises of faithfulness tomorrow.  Be with those who wake up each day and make a new commitment to their loved one.  Walk with those who hope, one day, to stand on the precipice themselves.  Help them, help us all…to jump!