Scottish Wedding Ceremonies


Scottish wedding traditions are full of folklore, romance and very strange practices, some interesting, funny, pointless or might have serious moral lessons. Their tradition is beautiful full occasioned with nice outfits, ethnic music and scrumptious meals, but you can find some really weird traditions in certain areas of the island.

Some interesting traditions involve the blackening of bride and groom, the long reel dance, the wedding scramble; the six pence, traditional gift, Creeling and the brides cog.

.The blackening of the bride

The blackening of the bride is a marriage rite practiced in certain area of Scotland, the act of covering both bride and groom in flour, nasty soot and other unsavory stuff. The reasoning behind emptying bucket loads of mud and dirt dates back to superstitious beliefs that the muck wards of evil spirits.

The major areas that still have this ancient practice include Angus, Fife and parts of Aberdeen shire.

The brides Cog

You know how Scottish people love their ale; Orcadian weddings have cogs of ale as part of the wedding ceremony. Which is usually a mixture of strong alcohol, sugar, mints, gin, pepper, brandy and other alcoholic brands?

The tradition of Creeling is cutting the ties that hold a basket by the newly wed this belief is to attract good fortune, good health and prosperity. Some grooms even have their feet smeared with grease, soot and ash while the brides are washed with water on the feet washing ceremony.