Chocolate and Wine Ceremony

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The Chocolate Wine Ceremony

This ceremony represents that life has both bitter and sweet moments. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Placement: This ceremony enhancement can be place anywhere in the ceremony but many couples elect to put it just before their vows

Spoken by the Officiant

_____ and _____,  life can filled with days of great sweetness, and days of bitter sorrow.  There are celebrations, and there are tears.  There are triumphs, and there are tragedies.  Life holds indescribable happiness for you both and unavoidable pain.  And so to symbolize your acceptance of this reality, today you will share the bitter and the sweet together, just as you have shared them in the past and will share them in the years to come together.

Both of you take and eat this bitter, dark chocolate. Taste in it the dark days which that have and will rock your marriage and test its strength. It represents disappointment, illness, grief. Know that these hard times will come, and with them, the opportunity to deepen your bond. Now, take and drink this sweet red wine.  Taste in it the sweetness and light that fills your marriage with joy. Savor the fruits of this wine, just as you savor every happiness that your beloved brings you.  It represents shared laughter, your children’s successes, and your anniversary.  Delight in it, as you delight in each other. Combined these items are representational of what you experience in life, and just like today, you will share them and experience them together for all the days to come.