The Goddess Companion January 8th 2015

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The Goddess Companion
Her beauty shines forth: Kokyanwhuti,
she who gives light and nourishes life,
the Mother of all that lives and shall live.
There she stands, dressed in soft wool,
white and blue, woven with the symbols
of womanhood, the butterfly and the blossom.
Turquoise and shell and coral: these are
her jewels. Fair and warm and tender:
these are her expressions. Gleaming white:
this is the color of her soft skin boots.
Look how she smiles at us as she dances
on the shifting sands of time. Look
how she smiles at us before she disappears.
~Hopi Creation Myth
The beginning of each year reminds us of all beginnings. It is a fertile and creative period when anything seems possible. Like the Goddess Kokyanwhuti, the Hopi Spider Woman, everything seems lovely, magnificent, abundant. Hope swells in our hearts. we expect nothing but beauty before us, behind us, above us.
Yet in the ancient myth of creation, as soon as the Goddess appears, she disappears again. So too in our lives, the brief enthusiasm of beginnings comes all too soon to an end. All too soon, harsh reality sets in. Great plans seem foolish and unattainable, our lives seem pinched and small, hope seems to disappear from our reach.
That same ancient myth tells us an important secret, however: that the goddess did not disappear, but submerged herself into the very reality that challenges us. Our great dreams are not dead, only dispersed among the daily efforts it takes to achieve them. Our great hopes are not dead, only hidden within our hearts.  Remembering the presence of the Goddess, even on dark and wintry days of the spirit, we can go forward to a greater future.
By Patricia Monaghan ~ From “The Goddess Companion” and Rev. Donna


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