About Our Wedding Services

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The Officiant you choose plays an important role in setting the tone for this special moment by contributing their creativity and the unique and   personal energy of their presentation. When we officiate we not only bring to the ceremony a vast knowledge of other cultures and traditions but also the added advantage of being an experienced public speaker and  group facilitator as well as a performer  in musical theater.  This blend of experience allows me to bring extra dimension and warmth to the ceremony reaching out to include your guests as well.

Your wedding is not only the flowering of your love story but also our love story with you.  It is from this joy and excitement that we  create each new wedding ceremony. It is a tribute and expression to the many dimensions of the love story unfolding before me.

How we begin:

Let’s start out with a phone call and then schedule a complementary personal meeting and get to know each other. We’ll ask you some questions to learn about you, your family, your relationship, and your love story. We’ll talk about your ideas of the type of wedding you would like and its’ details. I  listen diligently to what you want and  If you don’t know where to start, I can  give you suggestions based on the type and feeling of the  ceremony you would like whether it be simple, elaborate or in between. I offer various Ceremonial materials ranging from a variety of vows, to wordings for the ring exchange as well as romantic, touching and heartfelt universal rituals and ideas to incorporate into the ceremony. You can use these or create from them. I will work alongside you to create whatever feels right for you in any aspect of the ceremony.  I am always available [and there for you] and I encourage you to talk with me and stay in touch  to make your ceremony exactly how you want it … At your wedding  you  can be confident and stress-free because I will lead you through the ceremony with ease and clarity.

Fees: My fees vary depending upon type of ceremony, time and materials needed to create the ceremony, distance traveled.

My Goal My goal is to create a ceremony that weaves together your stories, traditions, and love for each other into an unforgettable sacred ceremony that you and your guests will be fondly reminiscing about for years.

If you want a wedding ceremony that is rich and alive, touching, uplifting and fun, I would love to work with you .I will listen closely to what you want and work diligently to craft  the ceremony that  reflects your One of a Kind love.

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