The Goddess Companion January 7th 2015


The Goddess Companion
My words are one
with the great mountains,
with the great rocks,
with the great trees.
My words are one
with my body
and with my heart.
And with you, day!
And with you, night!
My words are one
with this world
I am one with this world.
You all see this, all of you.
~Shaman Song, Siberian Yakut People
It is easy to forget our unity with the universe. Yet we cannot ever be separate from it. Within our bodies are atoms from distant stars and far mountains, from oceans we will never see and from flowers that bloomed and died on forgotten days in our youth. With each breath, we inhale particles once breathed by ancient priestesses and holy women, by queens and mothers, wise doctors and wild dancers. In every instant, we are part of this universe, inseparable from it.
When we forget, we feel ourselves separate, lonely, abandoned. Yet this can never be true. There is no particle of our beings that is not in touch with the great universe around us. When we move through our days with that knowledge, every action is a perfect prayer of gratitude to the Goddess who is all, who is everywhere, who never forgets us.
By Patricia Monaghan ~ From “The Goddess Companion” and Rev. Donna

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