My Panic Attack, and A Lesson With Boudicca


I have panic attacks- not officially diagnosed by a doctor but yes I have them. They hurt. I just feel like someone is choking me and I start sweating and CRYING….Ive been trying to fulfill an obligation to my local Dept of Labor by an extensive job search. Its very time consuming, and I get rejected more times than I can count. So in by taking a short break yesterday I was confronted by Boudicca with a message for me.

“Beating yourself up for past mistakes isnt going to change them. Even with the passage of time an unenlightened person isnt going to feel any differently about you or the mistakes you made “against them”. Likewise, you ARE an enlightened soul and can see the bigger picture in all things, in all aspects….They who opposes you at all costs to their own soul isnt going to see how lucky they are to have you…so dont feel guilty and just ride it out…YOUR TIME WILL COME despite their efforts stop you because they feel inadequate to fulfill their obligations to you.”

I was floored!

I hope that by sharing this with all of you, it may resonate with someone.

Be Blessed.

xoxoxox Rev. Donna


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