Daily Affirmation- January 5th 2015

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Unconditional love is loving without limitations, conditions or reservations. It is based on an attitude of complete acceptance which means you decide to love other people – and yourself too, of course – by being happy with them just as they are, without needing to change them in any way, allowing them to grow, to be all that they want to be for themselves, even if this does not include you or fit with your plans.

This is the ultimate focus of all our work, at the very centre of everything, if you can truly love and accept yourself, then your life experience has no limits.

When we were babies, we knew unconditional love, but over time, as we grow up our thoughts become conditioned by the world around us. We learn the behaviours that work to survive, we learn whether we are good or bad, what is acceptable and what is not. Deep down don�t we all crave this love? Though it often feels lost to us.

So often we seek or demand love from others, but are completely unable to give it.

The reality is that if we do not hold this love for ourselves, we will not be able to give it to others or expect others to feel that way about us. It’s harsh, but how can we expect others to love us unconditionally if we cannot?

I am worth loving, I am a wonderful miracle of Life

Most people could do with building or nurturing their self-love.


xoxoxox Rev. Donna


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