The End of 2014- Looking Back


Its the end of 2014, and looking back taking a cue from my soul sister; Life Coach Jennifer Pennington here is my 20 lessons I learned this year.

1.) Love begins with the individual self. Its ok to love yourself. We all make mistakes, we all mess up, but in the end if we do not learn to love and forgive ourselves, no one else will.

2.) Family is the most important thing on earth. Everyone fights, not everyone including our kids are going to agree with us. Thats ok. We dont give up on family just because they dont agree or make mistakes.

3.) Be more outgoing. People naturally gravitate to people of a more spiritual nature, its true! Its a fine opportunity to pass your wisdom to others and show others that human beings are capable of kindness. That kindness is often paid forward…let it be.

4) Entering Cronehood- Wasnt something I had planned on LOL and certainly isnt something we can stop. We cant stop the passage of time. As my body adjusts and changes to its ultimate conclusion I find the less tolerance my own mind has to bullshit. Adapt accordingly. We can respect and learn from our Elders as much as we can learn from ourselves. Pass on this wisdom.

5) We can heal ourselves! Everything we need is in our own back yard, this is not a new concept BUT its time I think that we give the pharmaceutical companies a run for their money and grow beyond our own need for holistic healing and medicine. Goddess knows it would be totally beneficial for everyone.

6) No more victim mentality- GET OVER IT ALL READY! Nuff said there. As Goldie Hawn said in The Banger Sisters “Oh fuck 4!”

7) Love Divine as you love yourself- Divine is real, Divine is constantly revealing to the masses with the same message- LOVE LOVE LOVE! Be open to receive love and give love. Its ok to hurt, to be hurt, its NOT ok to live in fear of being hurt. Open yourself to the possibilities!

8) Be EMPOWERED! Education is KEY, even if you dont qualify for financial aid, or a grant there is no reason why you can learn something new. Youtube is loaded with all kinds of videos on all different kinds of crafts, hobbies, and whatever else one can think of. Go to the library, sit in nature. Learn all you can….it does pay off.

9) The Angels Are Our Guides- The Angels want to help and guide us. Theyre real! Not withstanding all the hype and superstition surrounding them, they are real as real as you and me. If you suddenly feel a light touch on your shoulder, yup there ya go! A feather falls in your path….its time to just be more observant!

10) Let Go Of Negativity- For Goddess sake some people just spend their entire lives living in misery. Let go of that shit! What happened to you (or even me) at 12, 15, or even 20 is the past. So what? Why does it still matter? If you cant move on and let Divine, then get some counseling. We’ve all been hurt but some of us have better things to do than be a part of someone else’s misery coz then we’re miserable! Move on and let it go.

11) Death Is An Inevitable Part of Life- SMH, this is a tough lesson. Having lost my parents within three years of each other I’m still grieving. I know its a part of the bigger picture and yes both my parents stop by for a visit, but it doesnt make the pain any easier to bear does it? I often ask the angels for comfort, and its often granted…..have faith that there is a greater purpose for our loved ones when they cross the veil.

12) On Faith- Faith is something we either have or we dont. Even if we reach the end of what we believe we are capable of dealing with and doing, guess what? Divine comes in with more because She BELIEVES and TRUSTS we can handle it. So we must have faith in that we can achieve our goals. After all, if the Goddess and the Angels believe it…isnt that enough?

13) Life Doesnt Stop Because We Had A Shitty Day- Keeping it real, life doesnt stop coz we’ve had a shitty day; it keeps on moving with or without us in it. Sometimes it is too much, sometimes its too fast. Take a moment, stand quietly no matter where you are and what your doing, close your eyes and just  breathe! Trust me on this one, it does help.

14) Respect YOURSELF- When we respect ourselves, others can respect us. Its a matter of believing and recognizing your own self-worth. You have a purpose here on earth, the very fact that you were born proves that as a fact! When its time it will be revealed to you.

15) We Are Perfect In BODY- Fuck the media and their ridiculous notions that skinny is the only way to be. Real sexy people HAVE CURVES! Nuff said

16) Detach From Drama- Some people have a stick so far up their ass it just pours out their mouths every time they open it to speak. Walk away! You are allowed to, its ok. Coz every time their drama catches up with you it drains you of your own energy which could be better spent healing a friend, nursing a child, or just delivering food to a local food pantry. Honor the greater good in universe before you listen to another’s drama which usually is self-imposed.

17) Strangers are often angels in disguise, be nice and blessings will flow to you!

18) Respect Nature- The earth is the only planet we have to live on. Whether or not there are other worlds in the universe capable of sustaining human life we do not yet know but until we do…PICK UP YOUR TRASH! I use recycled jars in my products for Sky Rose Essentials as a way of contributing to the recycling cause. The planet is slowly dying yet we constantly add to the pollution, lets try to work together to help clean her up…..

19) Gratefullness- Be grateful! This basic principle is fundamentally universal. Remember that what you give, you get back, and there is always someone out there in the world who is having a worse time than you. Think of the homeless man in the street, or the single parent who works more hours than you do to support her kids, or the dying child from cancer in a hospital. Be grateful for what you do have rather than what you dont.

20) Be True To Yourself- If we deny our feelings, then we deny ourselves and the blessings of the Goddess, God, and the Angels. Its ok to be mad, glad, happy, sad, whatever….acknowledge them but dont deny them. You are the perfect person because Divine created in Love and Light; dont be afraid to SHINE that light.

So here ends what Ive learned in 2014, and am ready to begin 2015 with an open mind, and heart.

Be blessed today, you deserve it!

xoxoxo Rev. Donna


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