Angel Day

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Soooo yesterday 3 monumental things happened.

First, Im standing at the bus stop (freezing my balls off!) to go to DOL when this woman pulled over in a van…oh gods I thought Im getting kidnapped! Till I saw a Bible in her hands….I was like oh great; She introduced herself as Dora and asked if she could bless me after she remarked how awesome I looked with my black hat with my red hair (sure lady butter me up!), I said sure and she did so in a non-denominational way despite being Jehovah Witness. Then she says I see a lot of sadness yet a lot of love in your spirit Donna, I wish you all success for the coming New Year…she shook my hand then got back in the van and drove away.

Then; Im standing at the bus stop at DOL to come home and this guy got too close checking out my earrings (pentacles) and started freaking out in front of 4 other people, I was mortified! I calmly asked him to look at me and then tell me if he really believed I was going to hell. The other 4 just looked at me in disbelief; I guess they thought I was going to knock him out. He was yelling and crossing himself lol I just stood there with an even toned voice explaining that it was people like him that made it hell on earth. I was not the devil or evil incarnate but I respected his opinion and his beliefs. For some reason I was applauded.

Then, the last leg home I was at the mall checking out some Doreen Virtue books in the bookstore. A couple walked up and were also checking out her books but didnt know which ones to get. Naturally I pulled her Angel Detox off the shelf and handed it to the husband and said; “I recommend this one. I adore her work. Doreen is one of the most adored writers on Angels in the literary field. I use a lot of her material in my online women’s ministry.”

The husband and wife looked at the book for some time and then said thank you so much…they decided to buy it! I said, “No need, just make 2015 your year to change your life, and be good to each other.”

I smiled at them, and went to catch the bus home.

Angel Blessings to all of you! xoxoxox Rev. Donna


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