Angry Personalities


An angry personality will respond to the difficulties of its life with anger, and thereby bring into being the necessity of experiencing the results of anger. A person who is angry, and yet reveres Life, however, will respond very differently to the difficulties of his or her life than a person who is angry and has no reverence for Life. Gary Zukav ‘Thoughts from the Seat of the Soul’ page 44

Anger while a natural emotion for a human being is a part of the abuser’s world. For whatever reason abusers harbor anger in a way that even the simplest “mistake” on the part of the victim becomes a lesson in fear on the part of the victim.

The result can be abuse in its diverse forms. Whether emotional, verbal, physical, psychological, the list is just too wide and varied to list them all but they all carry the tone of anger. As if the abuser is taking his/her anger out on the victim; they are.

Someone with a regard or reverence for life will not abuse himself/her or others simply because things go wrong. They simply cannot do it. While people with no regard or reverence for life can simply smack someone around because the boss had to let them go as the company was moving to China for example. Everything just sets them off.

My question is- would you rather live your life a victim of someone’s anger or would you rather lead a life where the person can handle life’s ups and downs in a constructive manner? You have a choice.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe, and Stay Blessed

xoxoxox Rev. Donna


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