Lesson of the Day December 21 2014


It is never appropriate to supress an emotion, or to disregard what you feel. If you do not know what you feel, you cannot come to know the splintered nature of your personality, and challenge those aspects and those energies that do not serve your development. Gary Zukav Thoughts from the Seat of the Soul page 166

If we allow others to supress our emotions what do we become? Sullen, withdrawn, and unable to express our feelings. We become too afraid to and live a life of fear. This is not life.

We should be able to tell people the truth about how we feel and not have to supress it. Dealing with powerful emotions can be challenging, especially when we are
going through chaotic, sad, or cruel experiences in our lives. Often, it can
seem like we have only two options for dealing with our feelings so they
don’t become too overwhelming. We may let our feelings out in an immediate
and visceral way, or we may bottle them up by suppressing our emotions
inside our bodies. Most people make the second choice, repressing their
feelings in an attempt to deny them. The truth is that there are many
positive ways to deal with emotions, and experiencing your negative feelings
doesn’t have to constitute a negative experience. Denying your feelings is
not only unhealthy for the mind and the body, but it may also rob you of
valuable information you could be learning about yourself and your life.
Suppressing your emotions can even impede your short-term memory.
Acknowledging your feelings can help you better understand them and help you
recover naturally from change, stress, and grief.
If you find that facing your feelings head on is proving too difficult
during times of emotional distress, you may want to explore alternative ways
of expressing them. Otherwise, the emotions you deny could morph into
unconscious anger or self-hatred. Expressing your thoughts to friends or
family can be helpful. If you don’t feel ready to share them, try giving
them words by writing down what you are feeling. Give whatever you are
feeling simple words like “livid” or “angry” or “excited”. You can also
funnel your feelings into a creative outlet, physical exercise, or chores.
Even just accepting and speaking your feelings out loud to yourself can be a
healing release. In releasing intense emotions, it is most beneficial to
acknowledge the feelings, allow yourself to feel them, and let the feelings
go. Those who are willing to experience and release their feelings without
judgment also find that their lives become less stressful. Breathing deeply,
going for a long walk, or d! oing a constructive task can help you respond
to your feelings in a healthy way.
While burying negative or uncomfortable feelings can numb the pain, it also
may inevitably dull your ability to experience your more positive and
pleasurable feelings. You may find yourself afraid to open up in the future
for fear of getting hurt. The feelings we deny aren’t limited to anger and
sadness. Suppressing our happiness or excitement can be just as unhealthy.
In learning how to express your intense emotions in a healthy way, you are
giving yourself the freedom to fully experience the more joyful emotions
that come with being alive.

Blessed Be

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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