Daily Affirmation December 22, 2014


Sometimes your mind can be a hard thing
to change once it’s already been set on
one particular scenario, but there is a
trick that has been utilized (with success)
for quite some time called ‘fake it ’til you
make it’.

In order to ‘fake it’, you need to continue
reminding yourself that something other
than what your mind believes will happen
can happen. For instance, if you believe
that you are destined to be fat, you are
destined to be fat, however, each time
your mind wants to tell you that you’re
destined to be overweight say to yourself
that you are destined to be the perfect
weight for you and that you are healthy.

Even if it seems a forced at first, continue
to tell yourself that you are healthy and
you are the perfect weight for yourself
and over time your mind will be ‘tricked’
into believing it is the case. Over time, as
your beliefs change you will also notice a
change in your personal body image.

Now, this technique is not limited to
changing the way you view your body
image, it can be applied to any situation
where you find it difficult to change your
belief system to include money,
abundance, and even the relationships in
your life.


Xoxo Rev. Donna


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