Daily Om December 13, 2014


December 13,2014
Blessings from A Course in Miracles

by Ana Holub

The following is an excerpt from the “Blessings from A Course in
Miracles” on-linecourse. Ifyou would like to enroll in the course,
click here.

“Forgiveness is my function as the light of the
world.” — Workbook, Lesson 62

This small sentence has helped me so many times,
in a million different situations. When I think about
the purpose of ACIM, I feel it’s to teach us this:
forgiveness is our function as the light of the world.

Let’s take this statement apart to get the most out
of it. It starts out with “Forgiveness is my function.”
This teaching is a signpost; it’s a marker which
constantly shows us the way.

There are so many moments throughout each day
when we can lose direction. “What’s my function?”
we ask subconsciously. Is it being a family
member, career person, helper, hot date, smart
aleck, best/worst person on Earth? These are roles
our egos would have us serve.

But Jesus tells us that forgiveness is our function –before everything else. He brings us a reminder that
underneath all of our roles and posturing, we have
a spiritual purpose.

Our mission is forgiveness as it’s explained in the
Course. This is not traditional forgiveness. It’s not
seeing that something wrong happened and then
trying to fix it using apology or reconciliation.

Apology and reconciliation are wonderful tools to
use in the world, but they are distinct from ACIM’s
forgiveness. In the Course, forgiveness is a spiritual
action given through each person’s free will. It
means seeing the absolute, perfect innocence of
every person, including yourself, no matter what

God creates us in perfect innocence, not once, but
eternally and constantly. Tapping into this truth
brings us to the second part of Lesson 62:
“Forgiveness is my function as the light of the
world”. In it, we’re reminded WHO we are. We are
the Light of the World, the very stuff of God.

If we can remember that we ARE the light of the
world, and all we need to do is forgive (i.e. see the
perfect, innocent light inside of everyone), we’ll
enter an experience of the Atonement, or complete
union with God. At-one-ment.

This is the Course in a nutshell. What’s challenging
is to live Lesson 62 all the time. No exceptions, no
vacations into unconsciousness, no excuses. As
you’ll probably find as you work with this lesson,
you’ll need to create some new habits of mind in
order to begin to be successful. But don’t worry.
You’re eternal. The Course shortens the amount of
time needed to awaken, but you still have all the
time you need.


Write down on a small piece of paper or on a post-it
note, “Forgiveness is my function as the light of the
world.” Look at this lesson every morning,
throughout the day, and again before you go to bed.
Turn it over in your mind. Try it on with your heart.

Watch how many times you blame yourself,
another, or Life for not being perfect, in your
opinion. Then remember the lesson. Turn your idea
of yourself around. You’re no longer one person;
you are the light of the world. You no longer just
survive; you forgive and live.

Write down your observations and new
understanding. See what happens, both inside
yourself and how the world responds to you. Enjoy
exploring the innocent perfection of your true

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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