The Goddess Companion December 12th 2014


The Goddess Companion

Wake up, people! Open your eyes! Wake up!
Move quickly, like people of light!
Draw clouds forth from the sky’s quarters.
Draw clouds full of snow to us here!
Snow falling now means water in summer.
Come, ice, cover my fields!
In four days the festival starts, when we
to call down snow in abundance.
~Pueblo Dawn Call To Winter Feast

Throughout the world, the darkest time is
also the time of the greatest celebration.
One reason is simple:
busy people, bustling about to gather
enough food to survive through the winter,
have less time to tell stories
and to feast and to sing. But there is
another reason that is not so obvious: the
belief that the activities of human
beings during the winter somehow
empower the earth to keep turning on its
axis, progressing slowly toward the
new seasons yet to come.

Stories have traditionally been vital in this
quest for continued order in the universe.
Each winter, people would gather
to hear the old myths recited by the hearth-fire. This was the children’s school, the
time to learn the rules by which
humankind was expected to live. It was a
continuing education program for adults,
too, who each year heard the
familiar stories anew, with deeper
meaning. But the stories did more than just
educate people. In a mysterious
and magickal way, they also linked
humans to the cosmos. Just as the sun set
at the anticipated time, so we were
to tell the right story on the right night. We
thus were bound to the cycle of the
seasons in a deep and meaningful way.
By Patricia Monaghan ~ From “The
Goddess Companion” and Rev. Donna


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