The Goddess Companion December 11th 2014


The Goddess Companion
Mother most amiable, mother most
mother of good counsel. Virgin most
virgin most venerable, virgin most
Mirror of justice, seat of wisdom, cause of
our joy,
Mystical rose, tower of David, tower of
house of gold.

Arl of the covenant, gate of heaven,
morning star.
Queen of angels, queen of patriarchs,
queen of peace.
~Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Today is the feast of a special goddess:
Tonan, the great lady of Aztec Mexico, who
has survived even
nto present times. But she does not wear
her fierce Aztec mask anymore. Rather,
she is pictured as a
dark woman, wrapped in a serape,
surrounded by flames, the moon under her
feet. She is Guadalupe, the
Virgin Mary of Mexico, a figure who
absorbs the earlier goddess and sustains
her in the life of her followers.

Guadalupe, the matron goddess of the
Mexican people, came to her people
through a vision. Juan Diego, a
Nahutl Indian, saw an apparition on a hill
where Tonan’s temple used to stand. The
lady spoke to him, telling
him to build a church to her there. He went
to the area bishop and told him of the
apparition on Tepeyac hill.
Several times he was rebuffed, until finally
he brought a cloak full of roses, in
midwinter, to the bishop. The
miracle established the desire of the
mother to be back among her children,
under a new name, but still protective
and loving. That is the miracle celebrated
on today’s feast – and behind it, the miracle
of an important goddess’
survival among subjugated people.
By Patricia Monaghan ~ From “The
Goddess Companion” and Rev. Donna


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