Saturn In Scorpio


Saturn in
Scorpio, Now to Dec 23, 2014

Saturn in Scorpio

Now to Dec 23, 2014

Saturn is the last planet visible to the naked
eye. For millennia, it represented the limits of
the solar system and came to symbolize time,
structure and order. Saturn takes about 29
years to orbit the Sun, spending about two and
a half years in each sign of the zodiac.

Saturn is the planet that says “no” but means
“yes.” The no comes from Saturn showing us
what isn’t working, sometimes in the form of
frustrating blockages or delays. But these help
us see where we need to put in effort to make
concrete changes. Saturn says “yes” as the
planet of crystallization that brings energy into
matter. Saturn’s presence in a sign of the zodiac
shows us where we are likely to meet limits and
how to construct something useful.

Serious Saturn in survivalist Scorpio forces us
to face the bottom line. Life and death, sex,
power and our economic well being can be
pushed to the limits during this two-year
transit. Concentrating our efforts where they
are most needed may require eliminating ideas,
activities, objects or individuals that distract us
from these essential tasks.

Take account of your desires, even the
inappropriate ones. Knowing what you want
helps you become a better negotiator in
relationships. Being nice is, well, nice but
doesn’t touch the depth of emotion associated
with Scorpio. Partnerships grow when they are
rooted in honesty, especially with ourselves. We
can compromise in pursuit of our desires but if
we don’t even know what they are, all we’re left
with are manipulation and chance.

Getting the most out of our resources is
another expression of Saturn in Scorpio.
Scarcity could be a collective problem but,
ideally, will lead to more efficient systems of
production and distribution. Cleaning up toxins
in the environment and within our bodies and
minds are other healthy expressions of this

How money is handled, especially involving
insurance and debt, grows in importance with
Saturn in Scorpio. There may be even more
abuses in the financial world but that could be
what it takes to make some significant reforms.
Borrowing for well-defined purposes and with a
realistic repayment schedule is an appropriate
way to use this cycle.

Sexual repression is a dark side of Saturn in
Scorpio. The AIDS epidemic was at a very high
level in the early 80s, the last time this transit
occurred. Responsibility for erotic inclinations
doesn’t mean that they should be suppressed
but rather that we deepen our understanding
of them. Tantra, a form of sacred sexuality,
teaches us about intimacy that is not possible
when we deny this essential part of ourselves.

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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