Angel of the Violet Wings


Last night I dreamt of a beautiful angel. An angel with violet tips on the feathers of its wings similar to the wings in the photo although I did not see a face.

At first I stood in darkness with dark shadows all around me. A bright violet white light engulfed me,  then I saw the angel with no face. With wings outstretched it chased the dark shadows away, and left me with a sense of peace.

Xoxo Rev. Donna


One thought on “Angel of the Violet Wings

  1. I know the violet light, If I’m not mistaken is either Sandalphon or Metatron, i could be wrong. But I do know, the violet light is immense transformation and a new awareness, a great shift. So this is quite amazing, as awareness brings illumination, and illumination obviously brings light to the shadows (or blind spots) of our being.

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