The Goddess Companion for December 3rd 2014


The Goddess Companion

The snow is drifting
as I sing to you.
The sun and moon
shine on the snow.
They shine for you,
they shine for me.
They shine for all
who honor the season.
~Ojibwa Song

There is a special beauty about winter.
Other seasons have their beauties, each
unique to itself. But none
have the brisk clarity of a winter’s day
when snow softens shadows and
outlines each tree’s form. Our cheeks
tingle with the crisp weather, and our
breath clouds out in front of us.

The world changes so much as it
passes through its seasons. Each has
day and night, brightness and
Rocks and mountains, rivers and
oceans remain in place no matter what
the season. Yet how different they can
be! We, too, change over time, yet we
remain deeply consistent. We cannot
change into someone else, but in our
different seasons we may seem to be
another person. Our goal in life is to
become more ourselves, more fully the
person we were meant to be.
By Patricia Monaghan ~ From “The
Goddess Companion” and Rev. Donna


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