Taboo Tuesday-Women’s Blood Mysteries


Women’s Blood Mysteries

Because people have been so beaten
down with Christian, Victorian and
andocentric ideas that something so old
and natural is now thought to be taboo.
Any discussion on the subject of
menstruation; you’re seen as crude, flaky
or just plain weird (or a feminist, so you
get told in no uncertain terms to shut
up). Whereas Christianity is supposed to
be the be all and end all, and the “truth”.
Since Wicca is, according to some sects,
directly against Christianity, we are not
allowed to talk about it without being
seen as a devil worshipper, which is just
insane. Without women, and their
natural, biological cycles, there would be
no life.
People are taught about God from the
day they are born, but only taught about
biology much later, and by then the
damage is already done. Information is
restricted and we are discouraged from
thinking too deeply into it. That is, until
the “Always” ads came out, and they
started putting cool facts on the packets.

So what I am trying to say is, society has
been blind-sighted by the bible. No
matter how freethinking people are
supposed to be, the subject is still seen
as cringe worthy, so less mentioned then
it should be.
Punch “women’s blood mysteries” into
your search engine and you can find
several articles that describe the ritual
and tradition of it. Books on Wicca and
related beliefs have much to say on it. As
for being open, there is a reason why it is
a mystery. Even in societies considered
primitive or “pagan” today, rites of
passage or blood mysteries are not
topics of open discussion, even though
in some point in history, women were
held in high regard because we held the
spark of life within us.
At some point too, the ancients thought it
was spirits that fashioned life within us.
The early Christian Church hated women,
sex, and our sacred blood. They taught
that, as women were responsible for the
‘original sin’, which was that Adam and
Eve were thrown from the Garden of
Eden. Eve tempted Adam with an apple
from the Tree of Knowledge and well
they discovered they were naked. In that
time, nudity was frowned upon. They
taught that we were responsible for the
woes of mankind. Our very nature was
‘evil’. There are all these stories about
succubus, that we tempted men with our
blood. In some legends and customs,
women were not even allowed to do
certain things in the household during
her cycle, and had to stay separate from
the household, as she was considered
It was this kind of rigid thinking that
allowed men to have dominion over
women and thankfully times have
changed, although in some cultures, our
moon cycles are still considered taboo,
we have evolved enough to take back our
power. Our cycles should not be viewed
as curse, but a gift, a blessing from the
Mother Goddess.
Below you’ll find some links to several
websites I found on the sacredness of
our moon blood.
Fabulous website with loads of blogs!
I absolutely adore Susan Weed!
steries.htm Check her out for her wide
range of workshops, books, cds, and
much more! She helped me a lot when I
was a novice Witch researching herbs. Another wonderful site
with a reasonably priced home study


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