Morning Reflections-Blessed Be Our Troops


We are more than ordinary people. We are spiritual beings!

As such let us remember today those who cannot be with us. From our brothers and sisters fighting for peace, and the protection of our homeland, to the children caught up in the cross fire, to the homeless veteran on the local street corner.

They sacrifice everything for us, life and limb. They deserve so much more than what they are given by our government.

Theyre not perfect, oh no, but for the job they do, I believe they should be given a lot more than theyre given; think about this-we pay a baseball or football player far more than someone in our own military. They risk life and limb, then come back to what? No medical benefits, and no home but a cardboard box under the L. Seriously??? This is what theyre fighting for?

This Thanksgiving Im lighting a grateful candle for all those who protect and serve this country’s freedom. Its the only thing I can do.

Blessings of Peace

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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