A Special Message For Men


I asked the Angels to give me a message specifically for the men today, and from the Psychic Tarot Oracle I pulled Passion Ignited.

I believe this card to be monumental for you as several elements speak volumes in this card. First we have the image of a Woman in the divine ecstasy of the Spirit. Woman connects you to the Goddess even though She also resides within you.

Her Heart Chakra burning with the Green Ray of Healing with the Ray of Golden Light set in flames represents the Love of the Goddess. It is Her holy power that ignites your passion. Recognizing these divine traits in you is the key to balance and harmony you crave within yourselves.

The Divine Ring of Power, the totality of measure. It is pure ecstasy of the Spirit. Once awakened it unites itself with your Heart Chakra. Thus true alignment.

Water Element in the card heralds movement, changes in how you think, feel, and react emotionally. Even water penetrates the tiniest of cracks. Water flows and moves with the pull of the moon’s tides and washes away anything dead and decaying where the Fire Element in this card is transformative and healing rather than chaotic and destroying.

Embrace the totality of your being gentlemen; for you are the the conducters of the Holy Fire. The Holy Seed of All Creation to the Woman’s Holy Spark of Creation.

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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