Fire Power by Life Coach Jennifer Pennington


“Fire Power” by Jennifer Pennington

I am the phoenix shedding the old
Rising from the ashes, my passion unfolds
I am untamed, unnamed, a deep story untold
Unexplainable, unattainable, beyond your

Warming to the touch, A flickering & dancing
Remember, though, don’t play with fire
Lest my rage you will awaken
Free spirited I am, do not be mistaken
My spirit cannot be coveted, trapped or

I’ll always be there though, in your darkest of
Do not lose faith in me, for I’ll always be
there with light
When you grow cold, I’ll warm your frost
bitten heart
When you cannot see, I’ll glow the path you
walk alone in the dark
When you lose your passion, your creative
I’ll ignite inside you, an idea, a work of art
The flame of the fire can never be snuffed of
its life

The flame has been with us, since the
beginning of time.

As with you, I shall remain, always & forever
Just breathe into my name
And invoke my fire power

**I wrote this while meditating on my candle



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