The God Speaks-Ares


He appeared to me larger than life!

Clad in black leather, a blood red cloak
with a gold clasp at the shoulders. He
wore a black leather sheath and a sword
of gold with gold serpents encrusted
with ruby eyes at the hilt.

Dark hair streamed about his massive
white shoulders, and dark eyes burned
with fire.

He took off his sword and laid it aside,
raising his massive hands in peace. I
took notice of those hands. Well formed
but stained with blood.

Do not be afraid.

I am not afraid you, I know who you are.

You are afraid of yourself.

No, I am not. I know perfectly well who I

Then why are you shaking at my

You are slightly overwhelming.

Only slightly? He chuckled.

Where do you think you get your temper
from, your driving passions, your warrior
spirit? From me.

If there is a point here Im failing to see it.

You were born in the heat of conflict,
Daughter. You and I are one. Be sure to remember that.

(Back dated from my journal August 10th 2014)

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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