Opening The Heart Chakra


As I stated in an earlier post I had dreamt of the number 8 which is significant of balance and harmony. Most often the color associated with the Heart Chakra is green.

When the Heart is closed and/or blocked; the colors are often muddled, even “dirty”. By releasing fear, suspicion and doubt we change the frequency, and vibration of the color.

By moving the number 8 (which can also represent infinity) into our Heart Chakra through self healing we receive the color from pale pink to ruby red.

By asking the governing energies and angels of the planet Neptune to help us with that healing the higher the frequency.

” Neptune is aesthetic; amorphous; attuned to the finest nuances of beauty, feeling and mind; blissful; compassionate; diffuse and at times subjectively unclear or confused; dreamy; enthusiastic; ethereal; highly emotional; imitative; impressionable through extra-sensory channels; intuitive; mystery-loving; mystical; peaceful; pulled by powerful motives towards abstract or sentient ends; romantic; self-deceptive; spiritually sensitive; unconsciously socialising; subtle beyond fitting words; unstable; and highly sympathetic; yet when denied a desired outcome, quick to renege on an undertaking. It inclines to finer artistic sensibilities, and responds favorably to dance, harmony, poetry, rhythm, stringed instruments, and symmetry.”
(Sky Script)

Through art, music, or poetry we open our hearts to receive energy.

We acknowledge a more loving, and receptive heart.



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