A Broken Heart


“Do not leave me, why would you leave me now?”

I disrobed and casually laid my priestess garb aside, putting on the battle armor, and wrapping the ties of my scabbard around my waist. His hand was on my sword. Our fingers touched briefly.

“Lady, I do not wish to think what will become of you if you take up that weapon.” He said.

“That is not your descion to make.”  I replied taking the sword from him, “Invading armies from the North take our lands, killing everyone in their wake, and you will not fight?”

“We are a peaceful society! I will not stay and watch this bloodshed. Nor will I be a part of it!” He cried.

“Then, go. My father left this kingdom in my hands, and that of my sisters. We will protect and serve the good people; not a man’s pride or vanity.”

No sooner had I uttered those words that lightening cracked the night sky with a blinding flash and silence filled the bedchamber…

He fled the room, I knelt on the stone cold floor and prayed my broken heart would give me the strength, and the courage to do my duty…..



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