The Death Crone


“And I will take your soul to My breast at the end of your earthly life for regeneration and rest.”

In the end the Death Crone comes to us all. We cannot choose how we die, but we can choose how we LIVE until She takes us home.

We can CHOOSE to live in misery. Blaming others for our problems, and our own actions, never taking responsibility for the messes we ourselves create out of fear; Or we can CHOOSE to live our lives in grateful peace, love, harmony, and compassion. We can CHOOSE to live with passion, honor, and dignity.

We must ask ourselves; do we really want to live our next incarnation as the miserable people we tend to despise? Or do we want to evolve and move on to a more greater state of being?

Ultimately, how we die is not our choice, but how we live is. So when it comes time for us to go and the Death Crone embraces us that final time, ask yourself this question…

Did I live my life to my highest potential?



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