Jesus-The Ascended Master



I recently stumbled across a page on Facebook that just did not compute to me. The page clearly objects to racism, violence, corruption, and all sorts of unbelievable hatred towards that which they at the same time profess to be against. Its ok to believe in your own faith as strongly and passionately as they appear to and I wont fault them for it but I have to wonder if they are actual Christians trying to actually convey a message for the masses, or just a bunch of attention seekers and doing it just for fun.

With this in mind, indulge me a moment while I engage you in an old story but newly retold by me.

I have spent my entire life in pursuit of enlightenment, which means Ive studied a lot of different “religions” and philosphies of life. It is only within the last 10 years that I understand, and believe when others say Jesus is an Ascended Master. I have read some absolutely beautiful websites of others who believe this to be true.

I find it so amusing to me how even in this day and age of reason others still cannot move beyond their own loathing, prejuidice and bigotry for another’s path no matter how it conflicts differently with their own.

Jesus had admitted to being the son of god it states in the bible, but no where does it states he was a god. Merely stating he was like his father doesnt make him a god. He openly admitted to being a man.

Likewise the bible in itself wasnt written by god, or even Jesus. It was written by those who followed those of that path. Who followed god, and Jesus. As it grew and was rewritten by later people; oral reports of events were misinterpreted, translations muddled…so the true wisdoms were lost to us. But Im getting off topic….

In the events like Jesus turning water into wine, feeding thousands of people weary from days of travel to see him fish and bread with only a few….they were called “miracles”.

But what exactly is such a thing hut a manifestation of a desired goal. He WANTED to feed the masses…

Jesus did not teach hate, bigotry, selfishness, or pride…yet it manifested in those who began transcribing his teachings.

He did not teach that women were above man, and should be subservient to men, yet women have been so for thousands of years.

Jesus did however teach love, mercy, compassion, and harmony with everyone no matter who or what their station or path in life. He accepted and acknowledged that which is inately inside all of us.

He acknowledged a higher vibration, a source of power that was greater than himself and knew how to tap into it to manifest his goals into form (many fish and bread to feed the masses).

His sacrifice (the crucifixtion) was because his ways were different, uncomprehensible to those who opppsed him and his teachings.

He did not only do so that we may be forgiven for our “sins”  but that true ascension comes from suffering and self-sacrifice.

Ascension to the higher power that he knew we are ultimately born from.

He did so with humility!

It is only those who are still struggling for enlighenment, trying to find that answer that only comes when we let go of fear and deception yet it continues to elude them who twist and bend, and manipulate his sacred teachings to control that which they dont understand and fear….

For all these reasons I believe he was an Ascended Master…..



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