A Special Message To All Women


Good Morning to you Soul Sisters!

I saw this grapic in my newsfeed and started to cry. We as women do not recognize our own self-worth.

As a survivor of Domestic Violence, I too, am learning this value. I am humbled today by the graceful hand of the Goddess and have been asked to share these words with you.

We are born in Light. We dont choose our earthly parents, they are chosen for us for the expression of Her sacred ways. Everything happens for Her divine purpose, including that which we feel is sorrowful, hurtful, and even horrible. She chooses which family we are born into so that we may learn lessons for our own individual growth and spiritual developement.

She alone in the starry heavens sends us upon the journey of self-discovery because of the gift of free will. BUT, She sends us signs, omens, messengers, and visions so that we may learn of Her according to Her plan for us.

It is not by mere chance that we meet people on our paths who either inspire us, or tear us down. There is a reason for it all!

Take heart my sisters! All that we are going through, and have gone through is preparing us for something for the time that She will need us for some greater purpose.

This includes recognizing our own self-worth! In the end, it doesnt matter how others think or even feel about us. What matters is how we think and feel about ourselves and acknowleding our own inner worth, and divine power.

In Her Service,

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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