The Winding Path

Since my earliest childhood, I knew there was more the universe than what my blessed mother had taught to me through her Lutheran beliefs.

In another blog post I had mentioned a childhood memory of seeing what I believed was a UFO. When I think on the memory, and everything I have learned over the years since then I do believe there are other beings, and realms out there far beyond our own galaxy. It seems to me to be an awfully big waste of space if we here on this planet Earth are the only ones in it.

The universe is infinte.  Our technology only allows us to go so far in it so we do not understand, nor are we even aware how vast it actually is.

I cannot otherwise not allow myself not to believe in life out there beyond our own solar system when we have barely begun to explore it. There is for me too much evidence historically, and through science, and archaegology that clearly shows me there is other civilizations beyond our stars.

I find it amusing now as I grow older in my own evolution in this life that all the while from my earliest days as a child to adult that there had been signs of my Starseed origins. It is not that I was ignoring those signs, but rather I mistook them for Witchcraft!

My life now is like the winding forest path, I have no idea where the path will take me but I will enjoy the journey of self-discovery!



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