The White Priestess


Last I had a fabulous dream of what I believe was a Priestess.

She wore a long white dress in the old Roman style, belted at the waist with sapphires, and moonstones set in silver. Her white blond hair fell in soft waves down her back, and her skin was pale like the moon, completely flawless. Her eyes bespoke of sparkling diamonds, a pale blue. I was in complete awe standing before her at a tall marble temple that was illuminated by the setting sun behind it. Her voice soft and melodic. It was as though she sang as she spoke. She greeted me with such joy!

Its no secret in this life, women and I do not mesh unless its online, so I was dumbfounded by her excitement at seeing me.

She spoke of stardust and snow, of magic far more ancient than what has existed for the past few thousand years. She spoke of other beings, and in doing so handed me an apple, the likes of which Ive never tasted!

She then handed me a blood red rose. The fragrance, and its color I cannot describe for words fail me.

She said something to me as she handed me that blossom of perfection, but I could not hear as she suddenly began to fade from my vision, and the grand temple with her…I suppose I was not meant to hear it….yet….



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