Working With Selenite

Selenite allows us to access the higher planes of consciousness (guides, realms, angels, etc) and because of its relation to the Moon and the Element of Water its energies are receptive.

Water is constantly flowing. Whether within our own bodies, in the deep recesses of the earth, a river, its constantly flowing and moving making it the perfect conduit even in a small recepticle like a glass. It is constantly changing surfaces (rain washes away earth) so it cleanses any self doubt that you may have. However although water is seen as the living womb of the Goddess, we must learn to float. Some things are just beyond our control, its either sink, or swim.

Selenite combined with water sings its answers deep into our psyche (making it also related to the mind, and therefore the element of Air.  It resonates a higher vibration to quiet the mind so we can hear what are guides are trying to say.

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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