Born Of Light


Descendants of Lemuria

Hear these words and remember!

You were born of the Stars! Seeds in the great chasm of the Universe.

Your ancestors came from the far corners of that Universe, the four corners of the four far distant suns.

Settling on your earth’s forgotten kingdoms before its destruction when the structure your earth began to change.

Some of your ancestors had left prior years before.

As they began to see the pillars of smoke wafting through the air, and the fires raining down from the mountains only some survived.

Taking boats to the seas they spread out across the earth, taking with them provisions to seek out new homes. They spread to the four corners of the earth while humanity was was still maturing and evolving.

It is through you descendants of the people of Lemuria, that shall be called upon with the Green Ray of Light shall activate your Heart Chakra and heal the tribes of Earth!

You shall gather at the four corners of the earth and with your Heart Chakras open send forth the Healing Green Ray of Light in a web that shall emcompass the globe!

I ask that you remember this in the days to come…..

(Spirit Message Received through meditation with Selenite to Rev. Donna)



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