Starseed Awakenings-The Search Begins


I wake up most days with an unexplainable longing. Reaching out to empty air to grasp that which I cannot tangibly latch on to. I know its there because I can feel its presence but in my mind’s eye I cannot yet see it unless it is in the dreamstate.

Whether its a person, thought, guardian spirit, being from another world, or even my own self-idenity I cannot yet determine. I only see it as light.

In reading yesterday away on Starseeds; what they are, their traits, and qualities, their mission and purpose, etc I also learned their classifications which are the following…

Orion (I myself have always been fascinated by this constellation, even as a child; specifically the three stars that make up his belt)
The Pleiades

Of all the pages I read I found The Healing Essence held the best information on each classification but no page told me how to find my Starseed Markers, or Codes, without having to pay for it. Those kinds of websites I do not like. While the infornation is good I dont believe we should have to pay a fee to learn who we are. All I found out was that it had something to do with one’s birth chart and astrology which I confess, I suck at.

So, here’s to further research today in between my normal daily tasks.

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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