Starseed Awakenings-Beginnings


Good morning Readers and Happy Thursday!

Before I even get into the bulk of this series of posts in this category I would share a story with you…..

On a warm summer evening when I was about 7 years old and was supposed to be going to bed I stood at my north facing bedroom window looking at the stars.

Ive always watched the skies, ever since I could form memories and remember. As a child the stars fascinate me, they still do.

Well that particular evening as I gazed at the heavens, I spotted a luminous oblong shape floating around the sky. It glowed, even at that age I knew it wasnt the moon.

The object darted here and there, hovered in direct line of my vision before shooting off with incredible speed until it vanished from my sight.

I rarely mention it but felt now its pertinate to this blog category. Its no secret I had a difficult childhood. Ive always been an outsider. Growing up I never had any real friends, and would perfer the company of the sky and books to people, sometimes I still do.

I grew up bullied all my life. I always knew I was different from other people including my own family. I loved my parents, they were good people and treated me very well, but for some reason I didnt bond with them the way a child should. Ive always been a loner.

With my recent experience with the Archangel Michael the other night wherein he says to me; “You who are born of Starseeds encased with the Green Ray of Light”, I decided it was time for a little research.

I love the internet! There is so much wonderful information on the super information highway on everything we can possibly imagine! So I spent yesterday reading up on Starseeds. Lo and behold, I fit A LOT of the qualities and traits of a Starseed.

To this end, I decided to continue to research the subject and journal my findings to share with the world. This category, Starseed Awakenings will reflect that journey of self-discovery.

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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