Starseed Awakenings- A Message Received


For the sake of argument (and lack of definition) any reference to the words we spoke of today (Alluminaria, Aluminari, Alumininiar, and the like) are a video game! Geeez lol.

At the moment I can only surmise that I was given this word specifically for a reason ( and upon the wise words of Natalie Taylor) via a divine transmission.

Now before you all start thinking Im off my altar here; THINK. Would it be that impossible for anyone of common birth and social background to receive such a message (at this time in fragments) that could possibly help thousands of people all over the world? We should all know stranger things have happened as Witches, so would it be too lofty an idea to believe such a message was sent?

Absolutely not!

Of course I do not have any memory of the energy, being, or whatever that sent it; only the word resounding in my head, echoing, and the blinding flashes of golden light.

I am still working out the meaning of the word, and that is a post and discussion for tomorrow. Tata for now! Much love and hugs.

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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