Conversation With AA Michael

Soooo last night I prayed to AA Michael to keep watch over my family and our house like I do every night, and I had said “May your sword cut through all negativity that is sent our way, the ancient sword of truth, Excalibur.”

Im not entirely sure what promted me to equate Excalibur with AA Michael’s sword but BOOM!

Michael came swooping in with his massive wings unfurled, and his sword brandished high. His blue eyes held an inner fire I never saw before. He seemed quite surprised that I called his sword Excalibur as well.

Its a well known fact that no one for sure knows if the ancient sword (let alone King Arthur) of Avalon ever existed, but Im getting sidetracked.

Michael lowered his sword, brought his wings down, and his voice was deep and low, sending chills up and down my spine. In the presence of such divine splendor, I could only kneel at his feet.

What he told me was just….well…you decide for yourselves….

“You who were born of Starseeds encased in the Green Ray of Light, take heart!

You the tireless warrior of the oppressed your fight is not in vain. I who have laid waste to thousands of unrighteous souls stand beside you.”

“You honor me with your words, and while they are well received, I confess I am afraid that fighting is the only thing in this life I will ever know.”

“Dry your tears, and cry no more. Our Sovereign Lady and Lord banish your enemies with their hands! Your strength is my strength! Do not be afraid.”

Niagra falls, he swept me into his strong arms, and enfolded those wings around me and allowed me to weep myself sore. He engulfed me in a blue-white light, and as soon as he had done so I was suddenly in my bed again but instead of going to sleep in fear, I was peaceful. For the first time in 20 years, I dreamt not.

As I write this a small flock of sparrows suddenly flew up over head so close to me I heard the rustle of their wings in flight.

I am comforted.

Blessed Be, and thank you AA Michael



2 thoughts on “Conversation With AA Michael

  1. WOW!

    A starseed is usually a being that chose to come to earth to help heal it in some way, due to the green/heartfelt energy and passion, your job/mission, it seems is to help heal those troubled hearts out there but also teach them to fight for what they love most as well. The sparrows are a symbol of aphrodite, Goddess of love and pleasure.

    Amazing !


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