The Turning Tide-Thanksgiving


Pumpkin pies, cinnamon scented candles, autumn leaves, and cranberries fill the air with their delightful aromas!

The Sacred Wheel turns once more to Thanksgiving and while not a Witch’s holiday; it is certainly nevertheless enjoyed by thousands of Witches across the United States.

I wont go into details about how it all got started, too many theories on that and some arent very nice.

I will however say that Thanksgiving should be a time of giving thanks for what we have. With the increasing numbers of the poor and the homeless, I am disturbed by the laws in this country that we cannot feed the poor and will be subjected to arrest and fines if caught. Really!? Seriously thats shameful! Blasphmey in the eyes of God even.

The homeless dont always have a choice. Does this make them any less human because they are homeless? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Thanksgiving should be a time to be out in our communities helping them instead of further demoralizing them.

So for every politician and person in America who voted it into law making it illegal to feed the homeless; there is about a couple of hundred men, women, and children sitting on the cold streets in their very neighborhoods who will not have the warmth and comfort of four walls and a roof, let alone a big dressed up turkey and all the trimmings.

For every politician who gets up at 5 am Thanksgiving morning to get that big ass turkey or ham in the oven there is a child who hasnt eaten in 3 days. There is a woman who has no other recourse but to sell her body to feed her child. There is a hard working man who lost his job because he was hurt in the job and the government wont provide him with insurance, and because he cant work, he got evicted.

We cannot in all good consciousness not feed the homeless. My suggestion for this Thanksgiving is to adopt a homeless family and buy them dinner! Either buy it or make it yourself! Break the rules.

I think God would want us to. It goes against everything He taught.

For the homeless’s sake….

Where is our humanity?

Do we even have any compassion left?

So while everyone is welcoming friends and family into the warmth and comfort of hearth and home, breaking the bread, and sharing the wine I ask you to pray for and honor those brave souls who endure without such luxuries as these this Thanksgiving holiday, and not just that day, but the whole year through.



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