Liebster’s Blog Award


My good friend Jennifer Pennington (bless her heart!) nominated my blog Rev. Morgan’s Musings! She also asked me to share the photo and answer a few questions so here we go! Im so excited to even be nominated!!

1) What’s your favorite thing
about blogging?

I love to write! Life is such a journey full of triumphs, joys, sorrows, and trials. Because its also a spiritual journey, there is just so much to.write about. My blog represents that journey. What Ive learned in my own life as a Witch, Mother, and a Woman.

2) What message do you hope to
give to your readers?

That we have the power to change our own circumstances. Likewise having faith in our own higher power is the only gift we are given in this life thats truly our own. No one can take that away from us.

3) What is your favorite hobby?

What else, WRITING! Whether a rant, general blog post, a poem or a short story!

4) What inspires you?

I have only one word for this-LIFE!

5) What makes you feel the most

My children. I look at them, and I see myself, and writing of course lol

6) Who did you look up to as a

My mother. She was such an incredible woman of strength and faith.

7) What’s your pet peeve?

When women are oppressed. As a suvivor of domestic violence I am appalled by the state of affairs of women today in our patriarchal society. I mean its the 21st century people, why cant we get it together?

8) What are your three must
haves for each day?

Coffee, a chat with my fave blogger and friend Jennifer Pennington, and my online ministry.

9) What is your power hour?

Morning. There is something about waking up early and connecting with the energies of the coming dawn. Thats when everything makes the most sense to me.

10) What is a piece of advice
you’d like to give upcoming
bloggers, passion enthusiasts,
and all those creative out there?

Dont afraid to speak your truth. Haters are gonna hate and thats ok coz they dont have to walk your path, you do. Everyone elses opinions do not matter. Even if your truth seems silly and trite to other people, it doesnt matter. Its your truth.

The only bloggers I really follow are Jennifer Pennington over at and Silver Ravenwolf at her blog here on wordpress.



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