Illegal To Feed The Homeless

Most cities nationwide have a anti feed the homeless law. Having been homeless, I cannot begin to tell you how hard this is for me to see such a break down in basic human compassion. Like some of the homeless even have a choice like those young kids who are terrified to live at home because of abusive parents, or the mother who lost her job due to cut backs and got evicted but too full of pride to go to the local welfare office. Naturally there are those who milk the system due to drug and alcohol abuse but CHOOSE to live on the streets but it doesnt mean the circumstances of each mean they dont deserve fresh food and water. Its demoralizing. By denying humans this fundemental right the politicans are telling us the poor should be exterminated and its wrong! Frankly, we should be ashamed for allowing our government to even allow this. These are not the ways of good Christian people that they profess to be. Even Jesus fed the poor! He taught love, compassion, charity, and hope. He did not neglect and shame the people he taught! We are, in essence, a “Christian” country but these people running it arent acting in accordance with the laws and teachings of their own God.



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