The Old Woman of Winter


I heard the Old Woman of Winter outside my door today. Whispering to me that She will cause the blinding snow, the freezing winds, and ride the dark gray clouds.

As a young Witch I never gave much thought to the changing weather patterns, or even global warming.

Yet; as I reach my late 40’s I am enraptured by its prospects. The approaching winter season fills me with both concern, and a sense of longing to know the mysteries of the universe.

As the seasons change with increasing extremes, I am even more concerned this year. Last winter was so brutal, the summer oddly cool, and autumn was wet. I saw as the acorns and leaves fell of the tall oaks and the gray squirells gathered them up rather quickly I saw that this season is going to be worse.

The Old Woman of Winter isnt playing around. She demands our utmost respect whether we hate Her or not. She has been growing increasingly cranky of late.

I saw Her in the dark rain clouds that had suddenly blocked out the sun and a freezing rain fell upon the sidewalk. I felt Her icy breath upon my neck. She clawed at me with Her cold fingers as I hurried inside to escape Her grasp.

She came to me with a warning.

I am coming. Are you prepared to face me?

She screams into the air and laughs.

Her laugh sends a chill up my spine.

Be warned; She’s riding the northern winds on a dark gray horse; fast and hard.



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