Lesson of the Day-Declutter, Allow the Flow of Energy


Lesson of the Day

It is a wise Witch who knows that a cluttered home disrupts the natural flow of energy within the home.

Likewise all those old clothes, papers, broken electronic parts, and what not carry negativity from the past. Why hang on to it?

The time is NOW to throw it out and open up parts of the home where energy is trapped and stale. It has no where to go so it stays there adding fuel to the fire. Cleansing with sage only goes so far.

Its always hard to let things go. Like the dress from 1985 we wore to Aunt Gerta’s wedding, or that old broken tv hubby was supposed to fix but now its 5 years later, or the college term paper you got an A on. But exactly what purpose does saving these things serve?

Is it hoarding? Is it because we need a physical reminder of happy days gone by? Why do we save rhese things fully knowing half the stuff will never be utilized again? Why are we so reluctant to let things go?

My mother (Goddess rest her soul) had assigned me and my sisters chores. We werent allowed to do them half assed. She used to tell me,

“Donna, our home is a reflection of me and all who reside in it. When people come to visit, I would like for them to be comfortable, not have to worry about the garbage everywhere, or have to move stuff to sit down. Everything in its proper place. More than that love, a clean house is a safe house.”

It wasnt till I had kids of my own that I understood what she meant. Now, since my years as a Witch; Ive come to learn that when we dont remove the physical clutter, the energy in the house doesnt flow right because its natural flow is disrupted because the clutter blocks it from moving around the abode freely.

Why are we so afraid to let things go when all it does is block the flow of energy?

Think on it for a while.

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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