I shiver with cold.

It does not come as a surprise to me that its only the 3rd of November and it feels like the dead of winter already.

It is one thing Ive noticed with growing concern that weather patterns are changing drastically with every passing season

Incredibly warm where its supposed to be cool, rain where it is supposed to be dry, dry where its supposed to be rain, and brutually cold and snow where its not supposed to at all.

Indeed, it seems the Cailleach is even more cranky than is normal for Her for bringing cold this early to my town.

A friend asked me if I too felt the rumbling in the earth. Indeed, I do.

The Blue Hag of Winter comes on swift winds. Touching everything with Her icy fingers and freezing breath.

Soon She will lay across the ground a brutal blanket of white, and the Full Frost Moon on the 6th tells us to prepare for the long winter ahead.

For as She comes with the snows and wind, She also says; I must be so that Spring can come again….

Ask yourselves, am I ready?



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