The Body Decline


I went to sew the ribbon back on my 6 year old daughter’s Samhain costume earlier and though I tried for 20 minutes even with my glasses on, I discovered I could not thread the damn needle!

I should not really be so surprised. I am 47 afterall; not quite very old, but no young maiden either.

So it begins I thought to myself, cursing and muttering to myself as I continued to thread the needle with its seemingly microscopic eye.

It is not surprising to me that upon waking each day, my body rejects movement.
I often look at my older daughters with their youthful flexibility and wonder why as I struggle to put my feet on the floor to make any attempt for yoga to try and ease some relief.

It is a fact that there people who for all their effort for healthy living just end up the same way I feel right now in their own later years.

Again, I ask, why?

Why must it be this way? That the body declines, and decays while we still have life?

Then I hear the quiet voice of the Goddess;

“It is as inevitable as the changing seasons that the body must wither and  be released back within My body which is eternal.”

I sigh in contemplation of Her words.

She is the indwelling to my humanness.

For it is natural to fight the ravages of time’s effect on our physical bodies.

There is no defense against growing old.

No spell, incantation, or potion.
No simple holistic remedy, or cure.

It just simply is.

For all our wanting, and longing for beauty and youthfulness till the end of our earthly existence is purely futile.

While I do not approach my Cronehood with great gladness and understand I still have many more years ahead of me before I do reach that plateau;

The Crone still approaches.

However slowly, and however painfully, She will come.

I rest in that inevitable fact.

Text Rev. Donna Mulvey
Photo Google

October 2014


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