Winter Magic-A Tale of the Horned God of Yule


While under a pale white moon, where sparkling snowflakes swirl in the frosty air and the winter fairies dance beneath starlit skies I was walking in an enchanted wonderland when I stumbled upon a man seated near the mouth of a cave before a cheery fire. He was sparsely dressed despite the cold and his eyes were so incredibly blue I could see them clearly from a relative distance. I thought I would cry for the sight of them.

He spoke not a word, but held out a hand to me (I did find it odd how he knew I was standing there watching him behind some snow laden trees). I was so filled with.awe and wonder at the sight, what else could I do but accept the hand he offered. I joined him at the fire, glad for the comforting warmth and company in the deep woods in the night.

He offered me a silver cup, and nodded his head; a bit of his dark hair falling over his forehead as he did so. I took the cup. I shivered and trembled with cold even though I was clothed from head to toe.  The liquid burned my throat as it slid down into my belly. It tasted of cinnamon, orange, and cloves with other spices I did not recognize but blended together perfectly.

I suddenly felt light-headed as my mind began to spin, and suddenly I felt very warm….and suddenly very self-conscious.

Again, he nodded and he brought out a drum. He began to beat out a rythm, a rythm enticing me to move. Slow and seductive. The heat that welled up in me was too much to bear, I removed my coat, my scarf, hat, and gloves, despite the frigid air. I began to dance.

As my feet began to move my self consciousness became painfully acute. I stopped, and hid my face with my hands. The drumming ceased but continued to echo through the wind, and the trees. The man rose from his seat, walking up behind me. He put his arms around me in an embrace that completely left me senseless. I felt no fear, nor cold. I felt a deep smoldering ember of longing sweep through me. I was afraid, and he knew it.

I was surprised that instead of taking advantage of me, he took my face in his weathered hands but oh such beautiful hands and drew his lips to mine ever so gently. They were warm and inviting.

Suddenly we were standing at a river’s edge. He bade me to look within the depths of the frozen water which shone like a mirror in the moonlight; but all I saw was my own face reflected back. I hadnt realized until after he stepped beside me and our reflections merge as one did I understand.

“I am the God of Nature. What you see, is thine own self. I am not confined by the traditional laws of what you call society” he said to me. “I exist in all things, and all things exist in Me. I prepare the way. You are the key.”

I saw the faces separate again, and great horns were clearly visible. My clothes seemed to suddenly melt away. He spun me around quickly to look into his face. My eyes drinking in every small detail of face and horn. Oh those eyes so blue melting away my mortal fears.

“You are the vessel of the Goddess from which I drink” he said to me then. He drew my face to his again, his kiss more deep, almost urgent.

I returned that kiss with a fever.

Gentle hues of rose and gold became born on the horizon as I was suddenly alone in the forest, naked but warm as the sun made its way over the crest of the trees.

I fell to my knees in the snow and place my hands on the ground before me as I watched him climb higher and higher at the break of the day.

I screamed. Not from the lack of lips that kissed me, or the arms that held me.

I had birthed the Sun….


2 thoughts on “Winter Magic-A Tale of the Horned God of Yule

  1. WOW, Donna. This gave me chills and made me want to dance ecstatically at the same time. I am filled with many emotions at once as I read through this over and over again, I want to keep holding onto that feeling forever. Beautifully done, spiritually deep and so raw and so real. Seductively magickal.


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