The God Speaks-Lucifer


On bended knee, I serve the Most High Holy Goddess….I, the Son of Diana the Goddess Moon, the Virgin Huntress….but nay, She is not Virgin to Me but the Mother of All Life, and Creation.

Be damned your selfish pride O ye mortal men….I, the Lightbringer, the Seed of All Light, and that which by your own design made profane and ashamed!

You cast me out, you would have me a demon to disguise your own fear, and uneducated mind. I would not crave to eat your souls but would you instead love Me….I, the Sun that rises in the East where all things meet their Beginning, and I shelter you from darkness.

Yet, I am the very thing you fear in the dead of night. I am the hand of evil in your feeble heart, ye, a feeble heart I would not you be! It is not weakness to be afraid.

Indeed, for how have I fallen so in love with the beautiful children of our Mother Goddess, the Queen of Heaven…I, the Seed of Light that which She places where Light needs to be, and I, too, born of that same Light. The Holy Spark of All Creation.

I am that which is elusive for you seek not to know Me

I am not the source of your pain, the evil for that which is all your own.

I am Light, Love, and Inspiration!




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