The Goddess Speaks


How dare you incur my wrath?

Have I not created you in joyful love, and not provided you with everything you need?

The skills and tools necessary for you to live in harmony with each other and the whole of nature.

Yet you squander My holy gifts! Carelessly instead you revel in corruption, greed, arrgoance.

You set one above the other. Male above the female, and do so glady. Lording it over the other like a sickness.

And while you do so you allow the natural world around you to slowly decay and die. Oh verily, posioned by your own foolish pride!

I, who am the Great Goddess of Creation, hold your very souls in My hands….your very breath belongs to Me….

Yet I am as well….The Black Lady of Death and Vengence….

Harrowing, and rancid hag

Beautiful temptress….

So I ask again…

How dare you incur My wrath…

Xoxo Rev. Donna


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