The Victim

The moon is on the rise

Shadows dance along the sidewalk

I walk the road alone

I see you standing beneath the lamplight

Excitement fills me

My pace quickens

You are startled by my presence suddenly by your side

Is that fear I sense from you?

Oh yes! A long sigh escapes my lips

Come with me my sweet I say

In my most beguiling way

I hold out my hand

In your naiveté, you take my hand

I take you to a secluded place I know

Brushing your hair from your neck

Revealing the pulse

I grab your head, you cry out in your agony

It fills me with exquisite pleasure

My teeth sink deep into that vein

Sending ripples of ecstasy coursing through my body

You fall into my arms as your life drains away

I lower you to the ground

Leaving you there

Your blood fills me

Quelling the hunger inside me

© copyright 2012-09-07 15:58:26 – All Rights Reserved


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